I’ve performed nearly a dozen moderated user evaluations of a commercial real estate mapping and visualization software. I recruited new and existing participants and asked them to complete tasks related to their personas and product goals. My analysis focused on finding product gaps or possible misunderstandings that designers could try to fill before release. To get at these findings I recorded task completion rates with confidence intervals, observations of mouse movements, and overall system usability survey scores. I also performed a handful of user interviews to help validate the product personas and to better understand user product goals. Where time permitted, analysis of interviews was done by affinity diagramming common threads among users.

As a member of the design team, I was then able to use the insights gained in usability studies to iterate on the design. For example, if users could not complete tasks because they had a hard time finding information, came up with ways to steam line the discovery process. Sometimes this meant cutting down on steps, better organizing the data, or better controlling color contrast.

Methods and Tools Used:

  • Moderated Usability Evaluations using WebEx
  • System Usability Survey
  • Affinity Diagramming